SKA Consulting Engineers, Inc., began in 1957 in Greensboro, North Carolina, when John V. Sutton started a one-man structural engineering firm. In 1958, John partnered with Robert G. Kennerly, Sr., and the firm was renamed Sutton-Kennerly & Associates. With the addition of branch offices, it became more important to connect the company name with the services provided. In May 2012, the company name was changed to SKA Consulting Engineers.

SKA’s success in structural engineering and a strong industrial client base led to a rapid expansion of service offerings in engineering design and consultation. Following is a brief timeline of major milestones and firm developments:

  • In 1983, water resources and civil engineering services were added
  • In 1986, roofing design services were added, and the group quickly expanded to provide related services in wall flashing and basement wall waterproofing
  • In 1987, SKA added mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services
  • In 1990, the Investigative-Diagnostic Group (a specialty group) was formed out of the structural group to focus on structural investigations and repairs

Our water resources and civil related design groups were eventually closed as client needs changed, allowing a focus solely on building-related engineering services. In 2012, SKA consolidated the Roofing and Investigative-Diagnostic groups to form a new group that provides a broad range of building related specialty engineering services – the Building Solutions Group.

SKA’s success has led not only to a diversified service base; it has also led to an expanded area of operations with five branch offices in addition to our corporate headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina, including Asheville, NC (1978); Charlotte, NC (1996); Wilmington, NC (2007); Charlottesville, VA (2016) and Charleston, SC (2017). SKA now offers a full slate of building-related engineering consulting services, including the primary disciplines of structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection. We also offer specialty engineering services, including building thermal-moisture envelope consulting, as well as investigations, testing, and repair designs for primary building systems, construction materials, and building components. Depending on the type of project, SKA’s in-house engineering groups work either independently or together to provide clients with comprehensive engineering design and construction administration services.

Today, SKA has grown into a national firm with over 60 engineers, 100 employees and offices strategically located across North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. SKA is owned and operated by a majority of its practicing engineering personnel.

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