Social Responsibility

Social responsibility at SKA is not a catchphrase or just something that is socially expected.

SKA’s commitment to community, social causes, employees, and the people SKA impacts on a daily basis is part of our culture. From the ground-level to the Board of Directors, our culture is based on caring for one another and improving each other’s lives however we can.

Examples of SKA’s commitment are evident in the projects undertaken as a firm, as well as the personal involvement from most employees. From donating to United Way’s #LIVEUNITED campaign, to working hands-on with Hunter Elementary students to design-build the largest gingerbread community (and light up hundreds of adorable faces along the way), and helping displaced families gain proper housing, physically relocate them, and provide furnishings, SKA and our employees are giving, compassionate people that believe in making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Organizations supported by SKA and/or its employees: