Fall Festival 2019 brings with it some friendly competition

The Fall Festival was great fun with lots of winners and ah-mazing fall temperatures. Winners included two cornhole champs, chili awards for Most Unique, Best Overall, and Hottest and one bake off winner. As usual, the competition heated up both in chili recipes and on the cornhole boards, with April Jones and Andrew Faircloth on the winning cornhole team for the first time and for April a second time winning a chili award. Erica Barber put a win on the board for the first time with her Ooey-Gooey Turtle Bars dessert.

Festival attendees were delighted to try their hand at axe throwing for the first time. With this fall event and other fundraising opportunities, SKA raised over $300 for Breast Cancer Awareness which was donated to the AiRS Foundation.

Congratulations to all the winners, step on over to SKA on Instagram for more photos.

Chili Cook-Off
Hottest – Pete Jones
Most Unique – Scott Singleton
Best Overall – April Jones

Erica Barber

Cornhole Champions
Andrew Faircloth & April Jones

Published on November 15, 2019
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