Fall Gathering 2022 with fierce competition

The Fall Gathering this year was loads of fun with cool temps and hot competition. Winners included two cornhole champs, chili awards for Most Unique, Best Overall, and Hottest and one bake off winner. As usual, the competition heated up both in chili recipes and on the cornhole boards, with Marshall Thompson and Brad Anderson on the winning cornhole team and for April Jones a third time winning a chili award. Andy Flynt and Natasha Boger brought their award-winning recipes as well. Maguita Edwards did not fail to disappoint as a third time champion, this time with her Chocolate Surprise cake. More photos available on SKA Instagram.

Chili Cook-Off
Hottest – Natasha Boger
Most Unique – Andy Flynt
Best Overall – April Jones

Maguita Edwards

Cornhole Champions
Marshall Thompson and Brad Anderson

Published on October 21, 2022
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