Tepke to speak at ICRI conference

Stadiums take a beating, battling the elements on the upper concourses is usually a major problem. Surface concrete  deteriorates due to freezing and thawing distress. Water infiltration issues often stem from incorrect original installation of expansion joints, aged sealants, aged EJ’s and sub-roofs not being water tight and not addressing or poorly addressing ponding issues. To complicate things further, work must be completed between football seasons. Dave shares about a recent project involving a multi-use 69,000+ seat concrete framed stadium. A condition assessment was undertaken to evaluate the condition of concrete and associated waterproofing components at the upper deck and upper concourse areas. The project scope included repair and rehabilitation work with the primary purpose of addressing concrete and waterproofing distress and deterioration at areas over occupied spaces that had contributed to leaking.

Published on May 14, 2018
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