With the addition of Nick Tribble, SKA now has 3 RROs

SKA is pleased to announce that Nick Tribble has passed the Registered Roof Observer certification and becomes the third employee to gain this certification. Nick fulfilled the requirement of experience as he has served in the role QA inspector/consultant in roofing for two cumulative years and participated in twelve hours of continuing education (from a minimum of three roofing-related programs). He also passed an extensive exam which included 75 multiple choice questions, lasts up to three hours, and tests knowledge of roof observation principles for all types of roofing systems: built-up, single-ply, asphalt shingle, wood, sprayed polyurethane foam, tile, metal, and slate. The candidate must be familiar with the basic methodology of quality assurance observation and have a broad knowledge of basic roof science; documentation and reporting; field testing observation; construction documents; roles, responsibilities, and ethics; and roof systems and materials.

Other SKA employees who are RRO certified are Matt Hamby in Greensboro and James Wiggins in the Charlotte office; SKA also has another employee close to completing the exam in the Wilmington office. SKA is proud of these life long learners and roofing specialists.

Published on April 26, 2019
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