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Project Award Wins and Case Studies

This year, SKA won the “Excellence in Concrete” Award (ACI Carolinas) for structural rehabilitation and concrete restoration associated with the Mitchell Water Treatment Plant Structural Repairs & HVAC Improvement Project. In addition, SKA won Project of the Year Award (ICRI – Carolinas) for Nissan Stadium Upper Deck – Concourse Waterproofing & Concrete Repairs. Recently, SKA was also…

TECH TALKS | Window Testing Seminar

TECH TALKS | Window Testing Seminar

This course will help facility owners and managers to create effective testing programs for fenestrations (window, door, curtain wall, and storefront systems) in new buildings. Project examples and applicable industry standards for testing will be discussed.

TECH NOTES | We Didn’t See That One Coming #2

Picture this scenario: The local high school football team is practicing; a summer thunderstorm blows up overhead producing strong winds; the team heads for cover as quickly as possible. Within minutes of the team making it into one of the adjacent building, a stadium light pole crashes down on the building, punching a hole through the roof and…

TECH NOTES | Lessons Learned – Parking Deck

This month we are continuing the ‘saga of the parking deck’ with focus on essential design factors for these unique buildings.