SKA Insights

Brief Interviews … a brief introduction to some great folks

With this new SKA Insights, we will share about the great folks here at SKA Consulting Engineers and give you a peak into our fun people and family culture. This week we feature Erica Barber from our Greensboro office, click here.

Emanant Domain

by: Mike Ranieri, PE Emanating from her well-seasoned finger tips gradually appear lines of colored threads outlining a sketch of a copy of a photograph of a bird she has stored somewhere in the glossy blackness of her Galaxy tablet. The “her” is Gale and she is one of the mechanical designers on our magnificent MEP…

Artisans at Work

by: Mike Ranieri, PE What comes to mind when you see the word “artisan”?  I immediately think of a loaf of crusty bread, freshly baked in a wood-fired oven.  Of course, then thoughts of tearing pieces of bread for dipping in some half-filled dish of olive oil, balsamic, and Italian seasoning wash away any sensible…