Emanant Domain

by: Mike Ranieri, PE

Emanating from her well-seasoned finger tips gradually appear lines of colored threads outlining a sketch of a copy of a photograph of a bird she has stored somewhere in the glossy blackness of her Galaxy tablet. The “her” is Gale and she is one of the mechanical designers on our magnificent MEP mezzanine overlooking a solid foundation of structural engineering types. When she is not busy figuring out how to get a 24” duct into a 12” plenum, she is busy dividing time between hubby and engineering ornithological embellishments on knife edge lumbar pillows, under the watchful eyes of her feline friends.

Gale has been sketching and embroidering designs on cloth since her formative years as a young teen. Of course there were the obligatory blue jeans with the patches and the featherstitches along the seams. There may have been a blouse or two festooned with festive filaments… but only enough to enhance… honest. While embroidery has a variety of stitches under its sleeve, Gale prefers the chain stitch and the satin stitch to emblazon the eminent images emerging from her pillows.

Domain is mentioned in the title. In this story, domain refers to Gale’s workspace. And an enviable one it is. An overstuffed easy chair with room for her basket of needles and threads provides her with a comfortable place to relax and create. Embroidery brings a tactile and multidimensional feeling to her sketches, and one can never have too many enviably enhanced pillows.

Published on February 15, 2018
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