Historical Advancements in Corrosion Control of Existing Concrete Structures: Towards a Sustainable and Viable Future

David G. Tepke PE, and Jose M. Mandry-Campbell explore impactful historical developments in maintenance and corrosion control methods for existing concrete structures in the United States in this ICRI CRB article. They touch on related sustainability, safety, and technology topics that will likely be important in the future and influence the way we think about evaluating existing structures. The article shows generally what was available to practitioners at various times over the year and highlights important advancements such as the development of coatings for concrete structures in the early 1930’s, the first use of cathodic protection in the 1950’s, and the explosion of knowledge, technologies, and materials introduced and developed in the latter half of the 1900’s to today.

The article is kindly made available to the public by visiting the ICRI’s website: Concrete Repair Bulletin Current Issue – International Concrete Repair Institute, Inc. (icri.org) Click here.

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Published on April 17, 2024
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