January Work Anniversaries Fun Crew

Cold it may be with more snow on the horizon but our SKA crew with January work anniversaries know how to make it fun.

December Work Anniversaries Celebrating Special Folks

We are decking the halls with these special folks who came to SKA as individual gifts with just the right sparkle and song.

November Work Anniversaries Giving Thanks for Family

At SKA we have much to be thankful for. Not the least are these employees seen & celebrated here. Todd Hall, Michael Parker, Kent Yarborough, Dave Tepke, and April Jones.

October Work Anniversaries Celebrating Hard Working Folks

Fall festivities bring with it hayrides, bonfires, pumpkin carving and oodles of festivals. In between bites of apple pie, we pause a moment to celebrate the October Work Anniversaries for these hard working SKA teammates: Bob Kennerly, Ron Coleman, Mike Smith, Todd Capps, and Tim Norton.

September Work Anniversaries Cooler Temperatures Bring Cool Celebrations

As the cooler weather sets in, we pause a moment to celebrate the September Work Anniversaries for these great SKA teammates: Emerson Crawford, Hilary Vickerman, Nick Tribble, Tim Cook, and Aaron Bopp.

August Work Anniversaries Cool People to Celebrate

  We mourn the end of summer with its last days of vacation and summer celebrations. It’s hot, but we take a moment to celebrate some cool people… August work anniversaries include: Ron Lawrence, Kirk Stanford, Jeff Miller, Kevin Baczynski, Stephen Robinson, and Ralph Mills.

July Work Anniversaries Celebrating the Freedom to be Awesome

  Celebrating our countries freedoms is not something we take lightly. Similarly, we pause a moment to celebrate the July Work Anniversaries for these great SKA teammates: Jim Maloney, Rico Bolden, Dion Smith, John Richards, Joel Wandmacher, Andrew Faircloth, and Jesse Martin.

June Work Anniversaries Making a BIG Splash

The warmer temperatures of summer are upon us and we are thankful for the restoration vacations bring. However, we are more thankful to be celebrating the June Work Anniversaries for these great SKA teammates: Andy Flynt, Susan Russell, Kenzie McCollum, Erica Barber, Stephen Moorefield, Pete Jones, Scott Singleton, and Will Schoolfield.