Asheville High School

Asheville High School

Asheville, North Carolina


The Asheville High School restoration/repair project consists of repairs and renovations to six separate buildings on the campus. One project involved the original building constructed in 1928, consisting of removing the original clay tile roof, adding new underlayment and installing a new clay tile roofing system. One wing of the building included reinforcing the existing roof framing systems that was significantly overstressed. The repairs also included replacement of severely deteriorated steel window lintels, adding new window head flashing and repointing the exterior stone veneer on the building. Similar repairs were made to the ROTC building that was constructed in the 1940’s and was of similar construction to the original building. The other buildings on the campus include a variety of different repair methods including cast in place concrete and precast concrete repairs.

In 2016, SKA teamed with local architects for a project that consists of designing critical repairs to each of the seven campus building divided into 4 phases of construction packages. The estimated construction budget for this project is $18 million for Phase 1 through 3. The renovation project includes major mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection work and will be completed in 2018.

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