Buncombe County Health and Human Se...

Buncombe County Health and Human Services Addition and Parking Deck

Asheville, North Carolina


A new 10,000 square foot per floor, 7 story, office building was designed to be built adjacent to the existing Human Services Building on Coxe Avenue. A new eight level, 35,000 square feet per floor, parking deck is attached to the new office building and is part of the project. Renovation of basement and 1st floor of existing building was also included in the scope of the project. SKA designed and performed construction administration services on the 2009/2010 renovation of the existing Human Services Building.

SKA performed structural, mechanical, electrical and fire protection engineering design services for the Human Services Building addition and new parking deck for Buncombe County.  The new office building addition and parking deck are designed based on high-rise occupancy. Design of smoke pressurization systems, fire alarm, emergency power, fire command center, standpipe/sprinkler, underground water storage tank for fire protection and fire pump are included in the scope of the project.

The lighting for the parking deck is designed to save energy through the use of occupancy sensors located throughout each parking level. The lighting for the office includes occupancy sensors and new LED technology to save energy on illumination and on cooling costs.

A new standalone mechanical system was designed for the new office building using variable refrigerant volume equipment, including both heat pump and heat recovery type units. Ventilation is provided by a dedicated rooftop outside air unit which utilizes outdoor air and exhaust air.

A fire protection system was designed for the new office building. The office building is equipped with wet standpipe system, wet sprinkler system, electric fire pump system, and underground water storage tank as secondary water supply. The parking deck is equipped with dry, manual standpipe system.

SKA worked during design of the building to accommodate a LEED certification and provided LEED administration services for the design and construction team.