Deere-Hitachi North Park Expansion

Deere-Hitachi North Park Expansion

Kernersville, North Carolina


Deere-Hitachi was experiencing exponential growth, stretching their production capabilities, requiring an aggressive development plan, which included a new 300,000 square foot assembly plant adjacent to the existing facility. With schedule as the overall driver (the new facility needed to be operational exactly one year from land acquisition), Deere-Hitachi partnered with the design-build team of Frank L. Bloom (contractor), Walter Robbs (architect), and SKA. SKA was initially retained for preliminary studies and renderings, which evolved into completing preliminary designs and cost estimates within three weeks. The project was so fast-track, in fact, that manufacturing processes were being designed concurrent with the building design, requiring SKA and other design and construction team members to creatively control costs. One of the greatest challenges was bringing a new plant and additions online, while the existing plant maintained 24 hour operations. Ultimately, the facility opened on-time, within budget, and allows the company to expand its manufacturing capacity, increase efficiencies, and improve quality.


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