Mission Outpatient Cancer Center an...

Mission Outpatient Cancer Center and Parking Deck

Asheville, NC


The Mission Outpatient Cancer Center and Parking Deck is Mission’s first LEED-certified building and is currently one of three Gold LEED certified cancer centers in the nation.  This state of the art facility includes roof gardens on the high and low roofs, infusion treatment rooms and exam rooms. The structural design of the building comprised of reinforced concrete walls, structural steel columns, structural steel composite floor system, and steel moment frames. The building was modeled using BIM (Building Information Modeling) which allowed for a more efficient and collaborative workflow between the design team. One of the unique challenges of this building was the complex facade, necessitating intricate perimeter detailing to properly support the veneer. Another exciting challenge was the necessity to properly confine various radiation equipment, which included the design of reinforced concrete walls with thicknesses ranging from 4’ to 7’ and elevated concrete slabs 4’ to 6’ thick. The parking deck is precast concrete and consists of three levels with 350 parking spaces. Due to the varying site elevations, cast in place concrete retaining walls up to 34’ tall were designed.

Owner: Mission Health System

Size: The Cancer Center is 120,000 sf and the Parking Deck is 108,000 sf

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