NC DOA Salisbury Street Decks &...

NC DOA Salisbury Street Decks & Pedestrian Bridge

Raleigh, North Carolina


SKA was selected initially in 2000 by the State of North Carolina to perform condition assessment and prepare construction documents for repairs of the pedestrian bridge connecting the Salisbury Street Department of Administration Campus parking decks, including 64/66, 75, and 76. These repairs were tabled in 2000. In 2008, the State of North Carolina wanted to implement the designs for the bridge repairs, but after construction began, the design from 2000 no longer served the current condition.

This prompted a review and assessment of all Salisbury Street campus decks and re-evaluation of the pedestrian bridge, which identified deficiencies within each of the parking decks. SKA then designed repair documents that met the current needs of the parking decks, which included replacement of the barrier cable system, structural repairs, concrete stair demolition and reconstruction, and joint/sealant repairs. SKA also designed a new steel pedestrian bridge clad with an aluminum panel system.

Owner: State of North Carolina

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