Stevens Center, North Carolina Scho...

Stevens Center, North Carolina School of the Arts

Winston-Salem, North Carolina


Originally a 1929 silent movie theatre, the Stevens Center is a magnificently restored neoclassical theatre located in downtown Winston-Salem. Re-opened in April of 1983, it is the primary performance space for several local and state arts organizations. In 2000, working with a local architect, SKA performed a structural load study of the top five floors of the Stevens Center to ascertain the live load capacity allowable by the Building Code, in light of planned renovations and change in use of these floors. In 2001 and 2002, SKA provided to the Architect and Owner structural engineering services and made cost estimates for strengthening these upper floors to accommodate the renovations. SKA also provided structural designs for the strengthening of the existing cast-in-place concrete beams using external carbon fiber reinforcing.

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