UNC Charlotte Solar Research Facili...

UNC Charlotte Solar Research Facility

Charlotte, North Carolina


SKA consulted directly with UNC Charlotte to provide structural engineering design and construction administration services for its Solar Research Facility. Constructed in 2013, this educational facility serves as a permanent research center for UNC Charlotte students and faculty. Originally designed to enter into a contest held in Irvine, California, the four-pod structure consists of conventional reinforced pre-cast concrete with a 1’-6” turn down around the perimeter. The wall construction consists of conventional reinforced insulated precast concrete wall panels and glass curtain wall system. The precast wall panels are load bearing. Structural steel wide flange beams 8” deep are posted up off the pod roof and extend over the concrete deck, supported by a structural steel wide flange column and used to support a series of solar panels mounted on a rack, allowing the panels to move along the horizontal beams. The structure was originally constructed in Charlotte, NC, and shipped via truck and rail to Irvine. After completion of the contest, the pods were transported via truck and rail to Charlotte where they were assembled on UNC Charlotte’s campus for permanent display and use.

Completion: 2013

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