Wake Forest Reynolds University Gym...

Wake Forest Reynolds University Gymnasium Renovation and Addition

Winston-Salem, North Carolina


SKA provided structural engineering services for the renovation of the existing 142,000 square-foot university student recreation center and the new 110,000 square-foot addition, and miscellaneous upgrades to an existing adjacent athletic center. The existing facility renovations included major interior renovations and structural reconfigurations including reclaimation of the natatorium and framing of two new levels inside the natatorium space and a new running track above existing gymnasium levels that require new framed floor areas on the roof. Also included were miscellaneous relocation of existing stairwells, floor, and wall openings. A full lateral stability evaluation was performed due to the number of masonry walls that were removed. The new addition includes a natatorium along with several large activity spaces.

Size: 142,000 square feet

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