Air and WaterAir and Water

window leaks and air intrusion cost you moneyThe performance of building envelopes, windows, and doors related to air and water intrusion is critical to maintaining the lifecycle of a building and managing costs over time. SKA works with clients to evaluate, measure, report, and repair potential issues. Tests are performed using high quality calibrated testing equipment in accordance with written industry standards from either the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) or American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) testing protocols. With extensive testing experience over several decades, a systematic approach was developed, resulting in SKA’s testing team’s efficiency and portability.

SKA’s testing services are often used for commissioning and quality assurance in new construction as a second or third party independent testing firm. Quality assurance testing is used to validate that new windows and doors are installed to meet project specifications and product manufacturers’ installation requirements. The tests also determine if the windows and doors are properly flashed and sealed to prevent water infiltration. Forensic testing services help clients identify sources of water and air intrusions detected in existing buildings.

Typical ASTM and AAMA standards used for testing and evaluations include:


  • 501.2 (Water Penetration)
  • 502 (Air and Moisture Penetration)

  • 503 (Curtain Walls and Storefronts)
  • 511 (Forensic Water Penetration)


  • C 1153 (Infrared Roof Survey)
  • C 1193 (Sealants)
  • C 1401 (Sealants)
  • C 1601 (Water Permeance)
  • C 1715 (Masonry Drainage)

  • E 783 (Air Infiltration)
  • E 1105 (Water Penetration)
  • E 1186 (Air Leakage)
  • E 1827 (Blower Door)
  • E 2128 (Water Leakage)