Building EnvelopeBuilding Envelope

With the technical expertise essential for proper evaluation and long-term repair of building envelopes and facades, SKA’s expertise includes in-house testing and computer analysis of wall and window systems. Combined with extensive experience in the investigation of failed envelopes, SKA develops practical, effective designs for repairs of building envelopes and facades. Whether its damage, deterioration, corrosion, leakage, or maintenance, the experience and capabilities of our staff are unmatched in the region.

SKA’s integrity and engineering excellence instilled a lasting trust with clients who insist on using SKA for their engineering needs and recognize the value of having the same engineer lead the project from the initial contact through the end of construction. Combined with SKA’s intense presence during construction, this provides for unique and timely problem-solving capabilities. Having the capability to perform thermal and vapor transmission computer analysis of the building envelope, including walls, roofs and window system, are essential to understand how the transfer of heat and moisture through materials affects the facility. These tools and SKA’s expertise allow the design of systems that provide long-term solutions to clients’ ailing buildings.


  • Investigation
  • Condition assessment and evaluation
  • Design drawings and specifications
    for repair
  • Contract administration
  • Construction observation
  • Third-party design reviews

  • Expert witness testimony
  • Thermal analysis
  • Vapor transmission analysis
  • Window and door, veneer water testing
  • Building envelope commissioning (BECx)