Construction AdministrationConstruction Administration

Construction Administration (CA) is a component of the design services that is often undervalued and overlooked. Many times a significant amount of time elapses between completion of design and the beginning of construction. During this time focus often switches to the next project that requires immediate attention. However, CA services are one of the most important services to be offered by design professionals and are essential to the completion of a successful construction project.

With extensive history and experience within the construction industry, SKA has been involved in projects with just about every type of construction and construction delivery method. Each project has a unique set of conditions that will ultimately drive the design and construction of that particular project. SKA’s participation in the design and construction industry for over 50 years enables the effective observe and review of ongoing construction for compliance with the design documents, design intent and code requirements.

Construction Administration services are typically performed by the designer-of-record, which is the case with SKA’s projects. SKA provides CA services for each of the engineering disciplines on the projects under design. SKA has also served in a CA role for construction projects that were not designed in-house. In addition, SKA has served as the Special Inspector for a number of projects with large ranges in both project size and budget.

The following are some of the Construction Administration Services offered by SKA:

  • Contractor submittal and shop drawing review
  • Contractor value engineering option review
  • Budget/bid review
  • Construction progress review
  • Perform periodic field observations with detailed reports

  • Address contractor questions and Requests For Information (RFI’s)
  • Payment request review
  • Change order review
  • Construction/project closeout

As is the case with all aspects of the design and construction process, SKA approaches Construction Administration with a “team” mentality, resulting in the completion of a successful project from the point of view of everyone involved. SKA minimizes and quickly resolves conflicts, providing design interpretation and support, and ensuring quality in all aspects of construction.