Forensic InvestigationForensic Investigation

Bring us a problem — a crumbling brick wall; a leaking facade, roof or foundation; corroding steel beams — and we resolve it.

SKA looks beyond the symptoms for the causes of structural and waterproofing problems. Instead, SKA answers questions such as:

  • Is it safe?
  • Why did it fail?
  • How do we stop the leaks?

  • Can it be repaired?
  • Is restoration possible?

In the event of structural failure, SKA moves quickly to assess the need for temporary repairs and stabilization. Then, and only then, do they seek to determine what went wrong, evaluate the options and costs, recommend a course of action, and develop remedial design and monitor repairs.

With older buildings and structures such as parking decks, SKA conducts thorough condition surveys to identify problem areas and develop maintenance and restoration alternatives. Infra-red cameras are often used to detect moisture and air leakage through building facades and roof systems.

Why bring your problems to SKA? Because investigating and diagnosing structural and waterproofing problems require extensive experience complimented by a creative approach. SKA’s engineers have both.

SKA’s Building Solutions Group has evaluated a vast array of structural and waterproofing problems and failures. If a project involves mechanical or electrical systems, the talent from SKA’s other engineering groups are engaged for a complete solution. This experience translates into valuable expertise — expertise used to help solve, or prevent, your structural and waterproofing problems.