Repair & RenovationRepair & Renovation

Every project can’t be a glitzy out-of-the-ground design commission. SKA recognizes and appreciates the value of maintaining existing buildings to maximize their lifecycle, ensuring they operate and function as designed for as long as possible. As a result of performing condition assessments and investigations of suspected failures within existing structures, SKA engineers are often engaged in the subsequent repair and renovation design of existing buildings, which maximizes an owner’s investment, maintains stability, improves the occupant experience, and keeps water and air intrusion at bay. After a condition assessment and/or investigation, SKA engineers formulate opinions, prepare reports, and create a cost estimate for recommend repairs – often prioritized in terms of what needs to be repaired and when. With SKA’s depth and breadth of experience as a prime engineering design firm, our engineers are often selected to design the repair and renovation for the structural and system issues identified in during the assessment and investigations.


  • Repair and renovation design
  • Rehabilitation design
  • Adaptive re-use design

  • Construction documents and specifications
  • Bid analysis
  • Construction phase testing and special inspections