Roofing & WaterproofingRoofing & Waterproofing

It’s almost inevitable. Roofs and fenestrations are going to leak. Extreme weather conditions, normal wear and tear over time, and environmental and foreign intrusions deteriorate and penetrate even the best building envelope solutions on the market. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) estimates that up to 40% of all flat roofs will develop serious problems within the first year of installation. Water leaks not only damage interior finishes, they promote membrane deterioration and decrease the effectiveness of insulation. Often, the worst damage is beyond what the human can see or what has happened behind the walls. An infrared survey is the most effective way to locate and quantify moisture saturated roof insulation on most types of roof systems.

SKA’s engineers specialize in roofing and waterproofing design, testing and repairs from commercial to public to residential applications. SKA has the technical expertise for proper evaluation, repair and design of most roofing and waterproofing systems, including built-up, single ply, steep slope, green roofs, plazas, and below grade systems. Additionally, SKA’s engineers have the capability to evaluate and design wall, HVAC, plumbing and structural systems and their interactions with the roof system.

Few firms can offer this breadth of knowledge whether its damage, deterioration, leakage or maintenance, the experience and capabilities of SKA’s experts are unmatched in the southeast. SKA has designed millions of square feet of steep and low-slope roof systems, plaza waterproofing systems and below-grade waterproofing systems using a variety of materials, while specifying systems with materials that provide long-term solutions to meet client needs.

SKA is one of the only firms in the southeast to offer IntegriScan+ electronic leak detection. This new system’s advanced, patented technology easily and accurately pinpoints leaks by utilizing a mobile platform that isolates the test area and scans 100% of the membrane as opposed to older probe-like sampling methods. Using the roller/sponge, the system’s technology can scan vertical membranes and is more detailed with wall junctions, perimeter details and membrane penetrations that are being tested electronically!


  • Investigation
  • Condition assessment and evaluation
  • Design drawings and specifications for repair
  • Contract administration
  • Construction observation
  • Third-party design reviews
  • Expert witness testimony