Zebulon W. Wells, PE

Principal Engineer

Zebulon W. Wells, PE

Zeb is a Principal Engineer in the Building Solutions Group in the Asheville office. In this role, his primary responsibilities include the structural design and management of projects in all phases of planning, design and construction administration. In addition, he manages building investigation and diagnostic projects. When taken by wanderlust, Zeb enjoys RV travel. As a former member of the US Air Force, Zeb spent 16 months in Southeast Asia and also worked as a surveyor at an air base construction site in Saudi Arabia in the late 1970s. One of Zeb’s most challenging projects was the design of the new swinging bridge for Grandfather Mountain. The owner was dissatisfied because the new bridge did not swing as much as the original. Due to the use of galvanized steel in the railings with vent holes in the tube sections, the bridge sings when the wind blows, pacifying the owner who liked the new “singing, swinging bridge”.

Bachelor of Engineering Technology – University of North Carolina at Charlotte

North Carolina

Memberships: American Society of Civil Engineers; ACEC; ICRI; RCI; WCA

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