Bob & Sue Education Initiative Sends Recipient to ACI’s 2023 Fall Convention

Logan Fitzgerald is one of this year’s recipient of the Robert G. (Bob) and Virginia S. (Sue) Kennerly Educational Initiative. This allowed him to attend the 2023 American Concrete Institute’s Convention in Boston. He got a lot out of the 4-day conference as he had our David Tepke, P.E. and Natasha Boger as mentors and guides. We hope this experience will help Logan as he pursues his engineering education at the University of North Carolina Charlotte.

SKA Consulting Engineers, Inc. established the Robert G. (Bob) and Virginia S. (Sue) Kennerly Educational Initiative in 2022 to promote learning experiences for students in commemoration of Bob and Sue’s selfless dedication to shaping the minds of young engineers, and in recognition of their integrity and passion that has inspired generations.
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Published on November 14, 2023
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