Nick Tribble and Dave Tepke to speak at next week’s CAI’s South Carolina Expo

Join Nick Tribble and Dave Tepke, PE, at the CAI’s South Carolina Expo (click here for details) on January 17th – 18th. On Thursday, during the HOA/Condo Boot Camp portion, Nick and Dave will join with attorneys and other professionals to dialogue about important topics such as: 1) Bid Requests and Contract Provisions; 2) Maintenance; and 3) Budgets and Funding Reserves. Learn the five things you need to know about each of these topics to extend the life of your building at lower overall costs. On Friday, they will also join with attorneys to present about quality assurance and some common issues that occur in typical types of construction projects on the coast involving coatings, roofing, window and door replacements, structural repairs, and concrete repairs.

Published on January 09, 2019
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