Firm Growth

SKA’s Brand New PE, Congrats Kevin.

SKA is proud to announce that Kevin McCarthy has received notice from the NC Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors that he is now a licensed PE. Kevin’s intent is that buildings are air and water tight. Well done Kevin!

Kent Yarborough speaks at Waterproofing Contractors Association 2022 Fall Convention, Myrtle Beach

              SKA Consulting Engineers’ Kent Yarborough, PE, Senior Engineer and our Wilmington Office Manager will be speaking this Friday, September 16th at the Waterproofing Contractors Association WCA 2022 Fall Convention in Myrtle Beach, NC. #WCA #waterproofng #buildingenvelope #restoration #coastalcomunity #convention #casestudies

Amy Bendura now a Certified Air Barrier Specialist!

SKA Consulting Engineers would like to congratulate Amy Bendura on becoming an ABAA Certified Air Barrier Specialist (CABS). Amy, a Technical Specialist, joined our Building Solutions Group in our Greensboro office just under a year ago. Amy started out as a construction materials technician and now is focused primarily on building enclosure. In addition to…

SKA’s Freshly Minted PE, Kudos Kenzie!

SKA is proud to announce that Kenzie Oakes has received notice from the NC Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors that she is now a licensed PE. Kudos Kenzie!

Ed Wrenn receives his RRO

Congratulations to Ed Wrenn, Senior Technical Specialist, is now a Registered Roof Observer (RRO). Experienced in the investigation and assessment of exterior cladding systems Ed noted clients’ demand for the evaluation, review, and inspection of structures with large roofing systems. Working in conjunction with fellow SKA personnel on roofing projects he also researched and educated…

Christmas Greeting

“Since we have no place to go…” has never rang truer than in the year 2020. As we reflect on a year of financial and health concerns for those dealing with Covid19, we wanted to take a moment to share a present of positivity and hope with our clients and employees. This year, we felt…

SKA is opening a new office in Raleigh-Durham!

Having worked in and around the Triangle for many years, SKA has determined the best way to serve those clients was to open a new office in the Raleigh-Durham area. Next month, we will make that happen. 100 Capitola Drive, Suite 109 Durham, NC 27713 984.349.5990 We look forward to sharing our new space with…

SKA celebrates five employees pass PE exam

SKA is proud to announce that five employees have recently passed their PE exam: Erica Barber, Kevin Baczynski, Patrick Phillips, Neil Frasier, and Caleb Martin. Each of the interns passed the PE Exam with requisite experience and will be making their way through the system to become registered PE’s very soon. We celebrate the hard work…