201 South Tryon Street Basement Wat...

201 South Tryon Street Basement Waterproofing Repairs

Charlotte, NC


SKA was contracted by ATC Group Services LLC, on behalf of Cushman & Wakefield, to conduct a water intrusion investigation at 201 South Tryon Street in uptown Charlotte. The basement of the 1960-vintage high-rise is partially located below the sidewalks and had been experiencing leaks for some time. The unfinished basement space was slated to be converted from storage to future tenant space, so the identification and repair of all basement leaks was critical.

SKA performed several water tests at the sidewalk pavers, grates, and granite building panels above reported leak areas. A third-party contractor created viewports, allowing for our engineers to examine the as-built construction behind the sidewalk pavers and building cladding. Based on the investigation, SKA determined that the leaks were caused by deficiencies in the existing waterproofing on the sidewalk slab and basement retaining wall. Cold joints in the concrete were not waterproofed, which provided a direct path for water to enter inside the building.

SKA provided a complete design package for remedial waterproofing repairs and had an active role in the bidding and construction phases of the project. The building’s location at the corner of a busy Uptown intersection required a high degree of communication between SKA, the Owner, Contractor, and the City when performing temporary road and sidewalk closures. Time was also of the essence as renovations in the basement area were ongoing. During construction, SKA uncovered additional issues with the as-built construction that required creative solutions. SKA also performed Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) over sections of the newly installed fluid-applied waterproofing. After all the waterproofing repairs were complete, SKA performed a second round of water testing and was able to confirm that the old leaks were gone.


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