Appalachian State University Cone D...

Appalachian State University Cone Dorm

Boone, North Carolina


The goal of this project was to update the existing ten-story dormitory and provide the students with the modern conveniences, necessities and amenities expected with current collegiate life. SKA was the structural designer and engineer of record for this comprehensive renovation of a cast-in-place concrete dormitory. Project Manager for the structural repairs and enhancements, as well as the repairs performed on the existing brick and precast façade. Early in the design phase, SKA performed a review of the existing veneer components to observe the deterioration and problems the university was experiencing. The findings of the evaluation showed that by repairing the existing veneer, flashings, and supporting elements, rather than removing and replacing the existing brick, a considerable savings could be realized by the project. Facade repairs included brick replacement, tuck pointing, new flashings and repair to the existing shelf angles, as well as remedial work to deteriorated precast panel connections. The recommendations were implemented during the design and construction phase to help provide the Owner with a durable, energy efficient and comfortable finished product that will continue to perform for decades to come.