Benjamin Russell Hospital For Child...

Benjamin Russell Hospital For Children


Celebrated as the largest single medical facility expansion in the history of Alabama, this 12-story, 722,000-square-foot icon is the third largest pediatric hospital in the United States. It began to experience delamination of the roofing membrane immediately after completion in 2012. The roofing system was a PVC membrane roof, which turns up to cover the full height of the parapet walls. Most of the multiple areas of roofs were installed during summer months, and unbonded areas were reported by construction crews as early as that fall. During the following winter, after the owner occupied the facility, moisture was observed under the membrane, which turned to ice during freezing weather. SKA was retained to determine the cause of the failure of the membrane to bond to the board covering the concrete roof deck. Engineers conducted site observations, tests, and reviewed drawings, which determined unbonded areas had adhesive thicknesses that did not meet specifications due to failure in application or allowing excessive time before laying the membrane, allowing evaporation during the hot summer temperatures. The contractor was required to return and properly repair the membrane during the warranty period.


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