Carter-Finley Stadium Repairs

Carter-Finley Stadium Repairs

Raleigh, NC


SKA conducted a condition assessment and evaluation of Carter-Finley Stadium in January-February of 2003. The condition assessment identified the structural and durability issues that were related to the safety and extended service life of the structure. The structural and maintenance repairs were organized and quantified for projected repair costs before preparing the contract documents for the repairs. Due to the amount of repairs, the project was divided into three phases. The structural and safety repairs for this project included concrete repairs along the framing members, double tee girders, double tee infills, guard walls, vomitories, ramps, stairs, and concourses. Migrating corrosion inhibitor and sacrificial anodes were used to protect against future corrosion. A cementitious coating was applied to exposed walking surfaces. New rails were installed due to corrosion of existing rail posts. The maintenance and drainage repairs for this project included the installation of a new drainage system within the concourses and within the field to collect the water from the upper stands and lower stands, a new waterproofing deck coating system over the stands, and new sealants and expansion joints.

Owner: North Carolina State University (NCSU)

Size: 60,000 seating capacity

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