Chapel Watch Condominiums Facade Re...

Chapel Watch Condominiums Facade Repairs

Charlotte, NC


SKA was contracted to perform a building envelope condition survey of the Chapel Watch Condominiums in uptown Charlotte. Our visual assessment included a review of the roof membrane and sections of the building and terrace masonry walls. SKA followed up with a more invasive investigation that involved water testing at known leak locations and removal of cladding sections to expose the underlying waterproofing and wall framing. SKA identified several deficiencies with the as-built construction and provided a report outlining our recommendations.

SKA provided a complete design package for remedial waterproofing repairs and had an active role in the bidding and construction phases. The location of the building within uptown Charlotte required extreme diligence on the part of SKA and the contractor to minimize disruption to the building’s occupants and nearby neighbors. During construction, SKA uncovered additional issues with the as-built construction that required creative solutions. After all the waterproofing repairs were complete, SKA performed a second round of water testing and was able to confirm that the old leaks were gone.

Owner: Chapel Watch Condominium Owners Association


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