Dockside Condos

Dockside Condos

Charleston, South Carolina


Located in idyllic Charleston, South Carolina, along the Cooper River Waterfront, this gated community is a 19-story residential reinforced concrete structure, originally constructed in 1978. As one of the last high-rise buildings constructed in Charleston prior to city-imposed height restrictions, preservation of the structure is of utmost importance to the residents. When the structure exhibited symptoms of distress, the design team was engaged to repair and extend the useful life of the building. Due to strict city ordinances, maintenance of the aesthetic qualities of the building were important during execution of the design repairs, which included the parking deck, building balconies and walls, and installation of new handrails. With high year-round occupancy and the expected construction duration, it was imperative that the building remain open and functional to residents. This proved to be a significant challenge. Extensive repairs and the desire to confirm selected repair materials met necessary performance criteria not necessarily documented on manufacture data sheets, a performance-based approach was utilized. This approach used state-of-the-practice test methods and required laboratory testing of the repair materials, as well as a level of QA/QC not typically used on projects was implemented to confirm bond of a percentage of repair areas. The result was a successful project that won ICRI Carolina’s 2015 Project of the Year.

Owner: Dockside Association, Inc.


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