Mission Hospital Dogwood Building

Mission Hospital Dogwood Building

Asheville, NC


Over the past decade, SKA performed multiple projects for Mission Hospital, including the original 220,000 sf structural design in 2007 for Building J (Dogwood Building). This facility serves as an outpatient hospital facility with patient and operating rooms. The structural design included reinforced concrete shear walls, structural steel composite floor systems, structural steel columns, and steel moment frames. One of the unique challenges included designing connectors between the new building and three existing buildings on the hospital’s campus, and accommodating the differing elevations of the existing buildings. Underpinning adjacent to one of the existing structures was required to build the basement levels of the new building. Building J is currently five stories with two additional below grade stories. It was also designed to support five additional floors in the future. More recently, SKA performed commissioning and peer review services for the analysis and hygrothermal behavior of the wall elements of the building envelope. SKA performed analysis of constructability of proposed enclosure systems to evaluate potential risk and impact to the structure of the construction deficiencies and reviewed wall systems for specific climatic and geographic location.

Owner: Mission Health System

Size: 220,000 sf

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