Sea Winds

Sea Winds

North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Situated along the pristine beaches of North Myrtle Beach, Sea Winds offers oceanfront escapes in a retreat setting for vacationers. Units include two, three, and four-bedroom vacation rentals complete with balconies featuring breathtaking views.

A condition assessment and evaluation was performed on the exterior building envelope of the Sea Winds when evidence of water intrusion was identified. The results of the condition assessment of the exterior building envelope identified deficiencies in the stucco façade and identified leakage at the existing windows and curtain wall system. The deficiencies allowed water entry into the existing wall system, causing deterioration. The building deficiencies were identified as cracks present in the exterior stucco cladding along all elevations of the building, through-wall flashings were not installed along the floor lines of the existing stucco cladding system, floor line flashings provide the stucco system a means to weep or drain incidental water infiltration through the cladding to the exterior, and missing or improperly installed head, jamb and sill flashings were noted at all window/fenestration test cut locations.

SKA recommended the replacement of the existing stucco façade with either a new, drainable stucco system or a new, drainable exterior insulation and finish system cladding, installation of new, cold-formed steel studs to replace the existing steel studs, replacement of the existing windows with new units, and installation of a new elastomeric coating over the entire building. SKA strongly recommended that a detailed survey of existing cantilevered concrete balcony decks be performed in order to determine the extent of steel reinforcing corrosion and deterioration of the existing concrete balconies.


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